Wednesday, October 17, 2012

LIVER curry husbands favorite recipe . My husband cousin brought this from curry point center, that was the first time i have tasted the curry. Then i came to know that we can get the liver pieces separately from chicken vendors.One day we brought liver and I started thinking, whether to cook them in tempered sauce or exotic spices and i made a practical using spices freshly and this was an instant hit as the liver is very tender and fast to cook. Here is the recipe follows.......


Chicken Liver 1kg
Chopped onions 2 cups
Slited green chilies 5
Cashew nuts 4-5
Ginger 1/4rth cup
Garlic 20 pods
Curry leaves
Oil 3-4 tbsp
Turmeric powder 1 tsp
Red chili powder

Powder masala:

Cloves 4
Coriander seeds 1/4rth cup
Cinnamon stick 4"(we need 2 four inches sticks)
Cardamom/Elachi 1
Fennel seeds 1/4rth tsp


Chop the liver pieces according to your required size.  Now wash and soak the liver with 1 tsp of salt and red chili powder.
Dry roast all the items in low heat. Switch off the flame when you get a nice aroma. Once they get cooled grind them into a fine powder.
Heat oil in a kadai. Once the oil is heated add chopped onions, green chilies and curry leaves. Saute till the onions are transparent.

Add freshly grounded ginger-garlic paste and saute for five minutes or till the raw smell goes away. Next add the freshly grounded powder, red chili powder, saute well and keep aside.
Now take another vessel heat 4tbsp of oil and add  liver pieces, stir carefully, cover and cook with a lid.
Stir in between very carefully. Once the liver is cooked well, remove the lid and cook for further few minutes without lid and the above masala that we kept aside.
Adjust salt and red chili powder according to your taste.
Dish out and serve with plain rice or roti................. 

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